Bayside Family Dentistry: Explore Our Rich History and Dental Excellence

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Bayside Family Dentistry was founded by Dr. Aram Cazazian in 1975. He served the community for almost 50 years with his love and passion for dentistry before retiring in 2024.

Dr. Aram Cazazian is an exceptional dentist who dedicated his career to providing dental care to many generations. Dr. Cazazian was also an author of many dental articles and a winner of many awards.

Dr. Aram Cazazian

Dr. Aram Cazazian

Dr. Cazazian was always ahead of the curve, using the newest technologies and dental techniques, implementing cutting edge equipment in his practice and always participating in continuing education courses to provide the best care to his patients. Dr. Cazazian served his community not only by providing dental services but also through dedicating his time to charity organizations focused on serving people in need.

Dr. Cazazian is extremely happy that his daughter in law, Dr. Narine Cazazian, will be able to continue his work, providing great care to patients with her love and passion for dentistry at Bayside Family Dentistry.